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Tag: "credit report"

Solid Ways To Better Your Credit Score

[ 0 ] April 24, 2009

Some U.S. citizens have over the years tattered their credit. If you are one of these people there are ways that you can restore your credit report and grade. If you stick to the coming points you will be on your way to a healthier overall credit. Firstly and foremost, get a replicate of your [...]

Faster Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

[ 0 ] February 20, 2009

What do you think it is the most important piece of information while analyzing your credit report? when you apply for a loan what loan lenders use in order to determine the interest rate you will be charged is your credit score, having a good credit score then helps you getting the loan you need [...]

My Free Credit Report Explained

[ 0 ] February 20, 2009

Would you say you know all different aspects involved in a credit report? If yes, congratulations because with the difficult economic times we are living nowadays, it is and will be quiet important understand every single detail that could affect your credit score. After all, nobody could say certainly that he or she will never [...]

Discussing How Foreclosure Affects Your Credit Report

[ 0 ] February 2, 2009

your credit score Whether you’ve foreclosed or opted for a short sale, your credit report can show a poor score of as low as 380. “This is a very humbling thing, when people are foreclosed on,” says financial expert Ilyce R. Glick. “You failed at something very major and it’s going to require a healing [...]

What Does Your Personal Credit Report Says About You?

[ 0 ] January 23, 2009

You perhaps know only too well that the information in your personal credit report is used by the finance and credit card companies when considering whether or not to extend you credit, but are you aware of just what information your credit report contains? Did you know for instance that the details which are contained [...]