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Tag: "cash back credit cards"

What Are Cash Back Credit Cards?

[ 0 ] February 7, 2009

Cash back credit card’s popularity is growing with each progressive day and unlike the other credit cards, cash back credit cards help you get some cash back after each purchase. Some of the cash back credit cards give back a larger amount of money on certain things, depending on the type of card you use [...]

An Introduction to Credit Card Rewards

[ 0 ] January 29, 2009

The “rewards” a cardholder receives from the credit card’s issuer are presented according to the number of purchases the cardholder makes with the card.The variety of rewards offered by credit card companies is virtually endless, with some of the popular rewards being air miles or discounts off of the cost of certain airline’s flights.It is [...]

Benefits of Cash Back Credit Cards For Your Business

[ 0 ] January 23, 2009

In this time when a lot of financial services institutions are offering numerous financial tools to businesses, it’s quite understandable for a business owner or manager to get confused on what type of tool to obtain.   One of the most readily available products is the business credit card. These types of credit cards also [...]