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Faster Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

[ 0 ] February 20, 2009 | admin

What do you think it is the most important piece of information while analyzing your credit report? when you apply for a loan what loan lenders use in order to determine the interest rate you will be charged is your credit score, having a good credit score then helps you getting the loan you need and saving money because of a lower interest rate. Consequently, by improving your credit score you do yourself a favor and you should be working on it right now.

However, this bring us to the question of how to get your credit score improved in a shorter span of time, the answer is with just 3 simple steps that you can start doing today.

Firstly, there is no way to improve something that you don’t know, for that reason to get a credit report it is undoubtedly in your to do list, remember that you can get an annual free credit report. Nonetheless, if you do not have this option or you just got one time ago, there are inexpensive options on the credit report and credit repair market, some of them under $3 including Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

Secondly, once you know exactly your credit score because of having your credit report, it is time to start analyzing the recent negative entries informed, it is by deleting recent entries that you get your credit score improved by a good number of points, plus check inaccurate items that can be affecting your rating and get them deleted, there is no cost involved in the later case and you will get extra points.

Thirdly, if you do not have credit history or even having it, by using a credit card and paying on time you will get your credit score raised, payment history behavior plays an important role in the scoring formula, research for a credit card that suit your needs (secured credit cards for example), it is not the amount you pay each month but the promptly you pay, so even with small credit card payments you get results. Another option for credit history building is having someone co-signing a loan for you, this will be difficult but it is still an option.

To sum up, the simple steps listed above will help you in order to get a boost in your credit score rating, but as mentioned before the first step is getting your credit report and then start working on it.

Hector Milla runs the My Free Credit Report website and the Improve Your Credit Score resources center, where you can get a 3 in 1 free credit report and bad credit score loan lenders recommendation respectively, visit for further information.

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