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Category: Small Business

A Couple of Tips to Help Your Business Get an Unsecured Line of Credit

[ 0 ] February 18, 2009

If you’re a small business owner, you most likely have concerns on getting funds to expand your business. Your not alone, most business owners have the same concerns as you. Therefore it’s imperative to start building your business credit now while you’re conducting business. It can only help when you are ready to expand your [...]

What the Banks Won’t Tell You About Bad Credit and Business Loans

[ 0 ] January 12, 2009

As a business owner, it always makes more sense to finance your business with funds intended solely for business other than using your personal funds. In most cases, you as a business owner would approach a bank or creditor that will give them the financing you need. In turn, lenders would require you to present [...]

Small Business Realities – Three Things Your Business Must Have To Have a Chance at Being Successful

[ 0 ] January 3, 2009

If you just started a small business, then you are learning about the small business realities. The truth is small businesses need a lot of things to keep it running (more than you can ever think of). But you only need the basics to be successful. Keep reading to learn more. The first and most [...]